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Centrica Storage Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centrica plc. We operate the Rough gas storage facility in the southern North Sea and the Easington onshore gas processing terminal in East Yorkshire.

Rough is a partially depleted gas field, approximately 29km (18 miles) off the east coast of Yorkshire, which has been converted to a storage facility. It is the largest gas storage facility in the UK, able to meet approximately 10% of the UK's current peak day demand and to inject and store a large volume of gas.   

We store gas in the Rough field on behalf of a large number of customers, including utilities, gas traders and gas producers. 

Centrica Storage's commercial team is separated from those parts of Centrica that deal in gas supply, gas shipping, trading and storage procurement. Our Code of Conduct prohibits the disclosure of commercially sensitive information to other parts of Centrica.