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We operate Rough, the largest gas storage facility in the UK, storing natural gas for European energy producers, traders and suppliers.

We provide a 24/7, 365-days-a-year service, with a fully manned support desk.

What we offer

We sell Standard Bundled Units (SBUs) of 67-day duration, consisting of withdrawal, injection and space. See indicative prices for SBUs.

Customers can tailor our service to meet their ongoing needs: we can provide additional space to extend the duration and volume of stored gas and access to various grades of interruptible capacity.

Our standard regulated contract guarantees exactly the same terms and conditions for all our customers.


We are a significant provider of seasonal swing capacity, which provides benefits for all our customers.

  • Gas suppliers can support varying levels of demand
  • Producers can convert cheap summer gas into valuable winter gas
  • Traders can arbitrage price differentials in the trade market

StorIT, our secure online customer access system, allows customers to manage their stored gas, make nominations, see daily invoice charges and download invoices. Customers can:

  • Manage multiple accounts, with specific authority levels given by an authorised customer representative
  • See flow profiles and available capacity for each gas day, making it possible to use both booked firm capacity and any interruptible capacity
  • Use StorIT to trade the individual components of their SBUs and advertise their willingness to trade to the wider market through a bulletin board
  • Manage their stored volumes via Rough's own traded hub, a 'gas in store' market which is traded through StorIT and external electronic platforms

Since taking ownership of the Rough storage facility, we have focused on reducing and mitigating operational risk and on improving safety performance. This work has included clearing around 40,000 hours of maintenance backlog inherited from previous operators.

We have restored manning and competence levels throughout the organisation, and have invested significantly to improve reliability, maintain integrity and enhance performance.


We will continue to employ the latest technology so that we can keep increasing maximum withdrawal and injection rates as well as operationally available space.