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The safety of our employees and others who may be affected by our activities is a top priority. Furthermore, we regard the well being of our employees and the way we manage our impacts on the environment as fundamental to the sustainability and continued success of our business.

Centrica Storage’s Board is fully committed to the achievement of high standards of health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance. Improvement plans, learning from accidents, incidents and near misses, and progress against targets are reported regularly to our Directors.

Safety control panel at Rough

Our business involves the processing and storing large volumes of hydrocarbons at high pressure. The robust management of major accident hazard risks, and keeping everyone safe has remained our focus throughout the process of enhancing and operating the Rough storage facilities.

We believe that the use of suitable HSE objectives and targets is essential to effective risk management. We aim to comply with all relevant legislation, standards and codes of practice relating to our business, and we seek continual performance improvement in what we do. We achieve these are by adopting an effective HSE management system, which includes:

  • Risk assessment to ensure suitable working conditions, procedures and controls, and emergency response arrangements.
  • Allocating clear accountabilities to support its implementation, whilst ensuring the availability of suitable resources to meet its commitments.
  • Co-operation and participation of all employees, contractors and service providers to ensure the successful implementation of our policies.
  • Implementation of the arrangements through line management.
  • Accident, incident and near miss (‘potentially dangerous situations’) reporting, investigation and actions to address root causes.
  • Regular audits and verification exercises, clear targets, crisis management systems, risk assessment and training at all levels
  • Review of our health and safety performance and improvement to our management systems.

Our arrangements will also act to conserve resources and promote the principles and practices of sustainable development.

Full details of our facilities, the associated risks and control measure, and the management system are included within the offshore safety case and the onshore safety (COMAH) report.

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