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Where available, CSL offers unbundled capacity at Rough that can either be added to SBU capacity or purchased on a standalone basis

Unbundled Space

A standard SBU service can be emptied in 67 days. Customers can extend the duration of their SBU booking by purchasing unbundled space.

Non SBU holders are also able to purchase space and can use gas in store / secondary trading of firm services and interruptible services to monetise the purchased space.

The value of space is based on marginal injection and withdrawal periods. Prices can be fixed or based on an index, as agreed between CSL and customers. Space can be sold for a variety of durations from a single day to multiple years.

Unbundled Injection & Withdrawal

Unbundled injection and withdrawal is available in a variety of different forms with prices available on request, please contact us.

A standard confirmation, in Schedule M of the SSC, sets out the terms relating to unbundled capacity.

Gas in Store

Our products offer our customers the opportunity to trade Gas in Store (GIS) with other SSC signatories. Transfers of GIS are instant and free from any charges from CSL.

Customers interested in GIS can contact CSL directly and we will endeavour to match buyers and sellers. In addition there are on screen OTC broker markets.

Interruptible and UIOLI Services

All unused capacity (injection, withdrawal and space) is made available through a variety of supplementary interruptible products that can be purchased for various durations. Interruptible products are offered with a specific ranking of interruption (1 is interrupted last):

1. Supplementary Interruptible Services (SIS)

Offered on a pro-rata basis at seasonally capped prices (as per Schedule F of the SSC); users only pay for total uninterrupted utilisation. Any customer nominations that exceed daily firm rates are automatically classed as SIS.

2. Bronze

Offered on a first-come/first-served basis at bilaterally agreed prices. Users pay for total uninterrupted allocation, regardless of usage. If you are interested in purchasing Bronze, contact CSL’s 24 hour operations desk on +44 (0) 845 072 4649.  If available, Bronze prices and volumes are displayed on the Storit bulletin board.

3. Long Term Bronze

Similar to Bronze, Long Term Bronze is available for longer periods. If you are interested in purchasing Long Term Bronze, contact CSL’s 24 hour operations desk on +44 (0) 845 072 4649.


The above products are offered in unbundled units and are allocated by an objective, transparent and non-discriminatory process. This market-based approach ensures that prices reflect the expected level of interruptability.

Please see the Contracts Library for further details.