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We have made becoming a Rough storage customer as easy as possible. There are just 3 steps to complete:

Step 1 – The Storage Services Contract (SSC)

You will need to sign the Storage Services Contract (SSC) in order to access our online customer services system, StorIT. Our contract is the same for all customers and covers the S Store, C Store and unbundled products.

There is no charge to sign the SSC.

The latest version of the contract is available to download from the contracts section of this website.

Step 2 – The Credit Agreement

The second step requires you to sign the Credit Agreement. A copy of this agreement can be found in the contracts section. Signing the SSC and the Credit Agreement does not commit the customer to any costs. Costs are only incurred when a customer commits to firm capacity or begins to inject or buy gas in store.

Step 3 – New Customer Application

To purchase storage capacity and to obtain access to StorIT, customers will also need to complete and return a New Customer Application form. Importantly, this will let National Grid know that Centrica Storage will become the allocations agent.

Get in touch

Once Centrica Storage has received this information, you are in a position to decide which products align with your energy portfolio and should get in touch with the Sales and Marketing team for more information and latest prices.

Alternative Storage Products

If you are interested in any of our alternative storage products (V Store, I Store and 30 Day), please contact us

Please contact CSL Sales and Marketing with any enquiries:


Telephone:                                             +44 (0) 1784 415 375