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In response to customer interest, Centrica Storage has amended the Standard Services Contract (SSC) to include provisions that make it easier for current and potential customers to make arrangements with banks or other third parties to finance their purchase of storage capacity, secured against the value of gas in store


Schedule K in the SSC has been designed to provide greater comfort, simplicity and flexibility to both Lenders and Borrowers who want to use third party finance for purchasing gas to store in Rough. The arrangements reduce the risk for the Lender by providing the Lender the ability to trigger (at any time) the expedited assignment of the storage capacity.

The expedited Capacity Assignment will be completed within five business days. In contrast, the standard arrangements for Capacity assignment (set out in clauses 22 and 23 of the SSC) require the Assignment Notice to be provided to CSL on the 1st day of the month, with the assignment to take effect one month later. The expedited mechanism provides banks or other financing institutions with the certainty and security regarding access to the underlying asset (capacity and gas in store) in order for them to provide financing to storage customers on more attractive terms.

In order to take advantage of the expedited Capacity Assignment facility, CSL must receive a Notice of Finance signed by the Borrower in accordance with the provisions of Schedule K. Customers are under no obligation to sign the Notice of Finance. However, without a Notice of Finance, customers will be subject to the standard Capacity Assignment arrangements set out in clauses 22 and 23 of the SSC.

CSL will provide the first expedited assignment for free. Subsequent expedited assignments will incur a fee, payable by the Lender to cover the additional administrative costs associated with providing the expedited assignment service.Note CSL may change the fee. However, the fee must be published 12 months ahead of the storage year it will apply to.The current fee is set at £1000 applicable from storage year 2014/15 onwards.
3rd Party Providers

The following finance providers may be able to assist with gas in store financing. From time to time we will update this page with details of finance providers that may be able to assist with gas in store financing.


Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking




Arnaud Cruiziat

Peter Zonneveld

Co-Head Gas, Power, Coal, Emissions Europe

Global Head of Structured Inventory Products, Trade and Commodity Finance

T: +33 1 42 13 30 16

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T: +44 (0) 207 809 3032

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For further information about gas in store financing please contact CSL Sales and Marketing:


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