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Storage Capacity

Rough is a seasonal storage facility - value is derived from injecting gas in the summer when prices are low and withdrawing gas on the highest priced days in Dec/Q1

Rough’s flexibility enables customers to change nominations at short notice to take advantage of attractive spot and forward price changes. Rough capacity is priced based on the difference between the forward Q1 and Summer.

S Store

day AHEAD 

within DAy

C Store

day ahead

within Day

V Store



S Store is CSL’s original storage product providing access to the UK’s largest storage facility.

C Store is our most popular product, delivering gas to the NBP throughout winter (Oct-Mar), in addition to all the features of S Store.

V Store is our virtual storage offering benefiting from firm and flat injection and withdrawal, no FM, maintenance or cancellation days.


  • Gas delivered to Easington
  • Gas delivered to the NBP
  • Gas delivered to the NBP
  • WD / DA nomination rights available
  • Variable injection rights based on Rough stock level – communicated to customers each day via the DIAF
  • Up to 15 injection cancellation days / year
  • Up to 25 days of injection maintenance / year (limited to 60 in any 3 consecutive storage years)
  • Up to 20 days of withdrawal maintenance / year (limited to 50 in any 3 consecutive storage years, withdrawal maintenance cannot be used in the winter)
  • Contract duration: 1st May – 30th April
  • DA (D-4 hours) nomination
  • Firm and flat injection profile
  • No FM
  • No cancellation
  • No maintenance
  • Contract duration: 1st April – 31st March


  • Fixed withdrawal rights throughout winter
  • Charges
    • Injection         0.021 p/kWh
    • Withdrawal    0.007 p/kWh
  • Managed through our StorIT portal

Please contact CSL Sales and Marketing with any enquiries:


Telephone:                                             +44 (0) 1784 415 375