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DIAF & BIAF Explained

SBU injection rates are communicated to customers through the Daily Injection Adjustment Factor (“DIAF”) which is published every day by 12:00 (Day-1).

A customer's effective injection rights on a day can be calculated by multiplying contractual injection rates by the DIAF and applying any injection cancellation / maintenance days:

Injection Rights = Contractual Injection Volume × DIAF × Injection Cancellation Factor × Injection Maintenance Factor  

Section 11 of the SSC has more details on the DIAF and BIAF, key features:

  1. The aggregate of the DIAFs in a month shall not be less than the aggregate of the Base Injection Adjustment Factors (“BIAF”) in respect of each Day in such month. The BIAF is a set out in Schedule D of the SSC.
  2. On an Injection Maintenance or Cancellation Day the DIAF will be equal to the BIAF.
DIAF Tool & Historical DIAFs

Shortly before each storage year CSL releases a DIAF Forecasting Tool to help customers prepare for the upcoming injection season.

For the latest DIAF Tool and Historical DIAFs, please contact CSL Sales and Marketing