2011 I-Store Contract Consultation

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The I Store Consultation

Centrica Storage Limited (CSL) announced on 25 August 2011 a consultation process to launch a new non-standard storage service called I Store for purchase by market participants. The purpose of this consultation was to ensure the product offering is attractive to storage users and that the contract terms are non-discriminatory and reflect the proposed product offering. The consultation process also helped ensure that all market participants were made aware of the proposed main commercial terms and conditions as well as the technical information necessary to purchase the product.

During the consultation period we sought market participant's comments on the following issues:

  • the market demand for the product to be offered for sale;
  • suggested refinements to the product to increase market demand;
  • the contract that supports the final product is fit for purpose; and
  • the commercial appeal of providing the product versus alternative products.

CSL accepted responses to this consultation on I Store for one calendar month to 25 September 2011. On the basis of the responses reviewed, CSL decided that no amendments to the contract for I-store services were required.

On 26 September 2011, CSL informed Ofgem that it did not intend to make any changes to the proposed contractual terms and conditions for I Store services and provided Ofgem with all consultation responses. Subsequently on 4 October 2011, Ofgem consented to CSL using the proposed contractual terms and conditions (in alternative to the SSC) for the sale of I Store services.

The proposed I Store contract can be found here – Download an example of I Store contract PDF (574K). This proposed contract will take effect from 25 October 2011. This is necessary to satisfy the requirement for a one month 'waiting period' following the close of the consultation period before offering I Store services under the final form of contract.

CSL will offer I Store services via bilateral negotiations on a first come first serve basis. Prospective customers should contact CSL to negotiate capacity and prices for this service.

The ratio of injectability; space; and deliverability within an I Store BU will be subject to negotiation.