2014 SSC & Alternative Contracts Consultation Overview

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Consultation closed 

Ofgem approves CSL’s proposed Storage Service Contract and Alternative Product contracts

On 20 November 2014, Ofgem approved Centrica Storage Limited’s (CSL’s) proposed changes to our Storage Services Contract (SSC), V-Store Contract, I-Store Contract and 30 Day Storage Contract.

These contracts take effect from 25 November 2014, the date of their publication. These contracts can all be found on CSL’s contracts page. Please note that there is no need to re-sign the any of the amended contract that you are already a signatory to.

A copy of Ofgem’s decision letter is provided below:

If you would like to understand more about how these contracts were amended, please see below and refer to the archived relevant archived consultation page.

For a detailed explanation of the changes made to the SSC please see Consultation on the Storage Services Contracts.

For a detailed explanation of the changes made to the visit theAlternative Contracts Consultation (V-Store; I-Store and 30 Day Storage Contracts).

If you have any queries or questions regarding the changes to CSL’s product contracts you can contact the Sales and Marketing team on: +44 (0)1784 415 304

CONSULTATION update – 31 October 2014

Please note that the consultations set out below have closed.

CSL has submitted the Alternative Product Contracts (V Store; I-Store and 30 Day Storage Contracts) to Ofgem for approval. These contracts were not amended as a result of the consultation process.

In relation to the SSC, CSL is conducting an additional short consultation on some further minor amendments identified during the initial consultation. This additional consultation will close on 7 November 2014.

More information on this this additional consultation can be found on the SSC Consultation page.

Consultation on the Storage Services Contracts, and the Alternative Product Contracts (Now Closed)

CSL launched a consultation on changes to its storage product contracts on 12 September 2014. The consultation will close at 10am on 13 October 2014.

The changes are principally in response to the Uniform Network Code (UNC) modification 461 which was approved by Ofgem on 28 March 2014. UNC Modification 461 will result in the Gas Day in Great Britain moving from a start time of 06:00 to a start time of 05:00 from 1 October 2015.

CSL intends to amend the terms and conditions of the Standard Storage Contract (SSC), and the Alterative Contracts (V Store contract, I-store contract and 30 Day Storage), to bring them in line with this change.

CSL has also taken the opportunity to update its storage product contracts, and consult on some other changes that are intended to improve these contracts and products. The table below summarises the key changes:

  SSC V Store I-Store 30 Day Storage
Managing bribery, corruption or trading sanctions risk x x x x
Incorporating Confirmations into the schedules of the respective contracts x x x x
Long Term Force Majeure Provisions x      
Third Party Financing Arrangements x      
Option to extend agreed capacity purchases x x    
Additional options for unbundled Injectability and deliverability capacity x      

* The Alternative Contracts consultation paper explains why certain provisions have not been included in those contracts

All relevant materials including:

  • Consultation Papers which explains the relevant changes and consultation arrangements;
  • The proposed amended contract;
  • Tracked-changes version of the contracts (proposed vs. current contracts)

Can be found on the SSC Consultation page and the Alternative Contracts page.

Queries or questions can be emailed to, or you can contact the Sales and Marketing team directly: +44 (0)1784 415 304

Please note that these consultations are being conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Rough Undertakings regarding the requirement to consult on changes to CSL's Storage Product Contracts and the requirements of the Gas Act 1986.

The amendments to the contracts, as approved by Ofgem and published on the CSL website, will be binding on you and CSL from the date of publication. Note that, in accordance with the Gas Act 1986, the publication date must be at least two months after 12 September 2014.