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Rough Gas Storage Facility - An Operational Overview

Graphs contained in this version of the Operational Overview are currently being updated and will be available for publication shortly after physical flows recommence.

The Rough Gas Storage Facility - An Operational Overview (PDF 830K) explains the operational parameters of Rough and provides a brief explanation of the Rough gas storage facility, the licensed and technical capability and an outline of the operational and maintenance activity.

Previous versions of the Operational Guide can be found on the Useful Downloads page.

Please note that in accordance with both the Gas Act 1986 (s.11C) and the Rough Undertakings, information about the day-to-day operations of Rough is likely to fall within the definition of ‘Commercially Sensitive Information’ (CSI). CSL is under an obligation to disclose CSI on a non-discriminatory basis. Therefore CSL will be unable to answer any specific questions which could contain CSI unless the information is published to the whole market (e.g. within this Operational Guide or other form of market announcement, such as a REMIT notice).